Finance For Portable Buildings

Financing a portable building provides the benefits of being able to grow your business without the upfront capital expenditure of buying the building outright.

McGregor Portables works with a small number of finance partners to offer finance options for our clients.

To find out more about your finance options, call us on 03 9331 7000 to discuss your needs and we will put you in touch with a suitable finance partner.

Our Finance Partnerships

The select group of finance partners work to provide finance solutions to our clients, and to do so in a professional and efficient manner.

They are committed to providing the highest standards of customer service to you. Our finance partners are selected to leverage their extensive network of industry relationships to provide you with a range of superior financial products and the best possible service and advice.  With excellent knowledge of finance options and financier's requirements, we can offer you the best solutions for your situation.

Our partners understand time frames and are expected to provide competitive rates, tailoring a financial package to suit your needs.

Understanding The Finance Options

Here are some of the finance options that may be available to you

CHATTEL MORTGAGE A chattel mortgage is a facility used for business purposes, where you use an asset that you own or are acquiring in your name as a security for the loan until the contract is paid in full. The goods are assured to be fully paid at settlement; hence a GST claim can be made in full with the next BAS statement. The owner can claim the interest component of the loan and depreciation on the asset provided it is used to generate taxable income.  

INVESTMENT LOAN Our affiliations with a range of mortgage finance specialists from which we can refer you clients to. These specialists will discuss and advise the premium services available to you, and discuss fixed and variable rate options, interest only facilities and structured ‘honeymoon’ periods.

FINANCE LEASE AGREEMENT A lease agreement can be an effective way for a company to acquire assets for business use. Lease rentals are calculated for an agreed time frame with the rentals normally being tax deductable. Agreements are flexible and payments can be calculated monthly or quarterly, half yearly or annually. At the end of the term, a residual value is paid (predetermined at the commencement of the lease) to acquire the goods from the financier. This way your rentals can be structured to meet your cash flow requirements.

OPERATING LEASE An operating lease is a type of lease in which the financier retains ownership of the asset. Under an operating lease there is no predetermined residual value to pay, however a client may choose:

  • to hand back the equipment and upgrade
  • to hand back the equipment
  • to continue to lease/rent the equipment
  • to make an offer to purchase the equipment at fair market value